MOM = Minimal OMnifera

MOM is a baby of a legendary Czech woven wraps brand OMNIFERA.

OMNIFERA produce exclusive designer woven wraps by Jana Kráčmarová from 2014.

MOM is a Czech wrap. Design and graphics are a work of Jana Kráčmarová, the wrap itself is woven and sewn in Czech Republic.

We use a high quality long staple cotton that is spun in Czech Republic.

Even the packaging, including a japanese style wrap bag and cartoon box are made in Czech Republic.

Our aim is to use a maximum of local sources and to be ecologically friendly. The wrap is certified with OEKO- TEX STANDARD 100 class I - for babies up to 3 years.

A construction of our wraps is well studied to bring the best properties.


Quadruplex Design

Quadruplex Design is an original layout of a pattern on a wrap created by Omnifera. And because we are its beloved child, we dare to use it too. Its main feature is a change of a pattern´s density along the width of a wrap. This effect gives 4 images to your MOM. We created a subtle, barely visible pattern, with poetic little dots changing from order to chaos on one side, a simple but strong graphic statement hem on the other side, virgin raw white or soft doties on raw white background when reversed. We just love this flexibility!

Teaching rails

Our different rail design is not only a graphic statement, it is also a geat help for beginners, that makes a wrapping process really easy. You can´t get wrong on what side of the wrap are you tightening. 


We have paid a close attention to every piece of packaging, labels, middle markers, japanese style bags... God is in a detail.


Aprox. wrap weight 275g/m² (which, depending on a care, increases up to 330g/m² after wash) ensures, together with other factors, a versatility of the wrap. Therefore we can recommand it from newborns to toddlers. It is suitable for a whole babywearing period. One wrap can make it all. As long as you don´t need other color. Or two.

MOM has a nice touch. It is fluffy and airy, rather thicker in hand. You wouldn´t  believe it is "only" cotton, the wrap is oh so cushy on your shoulders.

We have rebuilt the whole loom for MOMs, so we can offer you a wrap in an optimal width of 68cm.

As you can see, we made the hard work for you. Now, you don´t have to deal with anything.



If you don´t insist on having one wrap for summer, other for winter, one for autumn and next for spring, you can make it with MOM in every season. It is the most versatile wrap we could create. Airy weave ensures a comfortable wearing during summer, but hand on heart, during the hottest days you will perspire in everything.



For you, minimalists, who are browsing our website, we have great news. The care is very simple. When you wish to wash your MOM, just put it in a washing mashine on 40°C. And you don´t need to wait until it air dries, put in a dryer on a low temperature.

Always wash your MOM prior to first use, it is "unfinished". The color also becomes more saturated after first wash.

Tumble drying may fluff and soften your MOM a little (it can shrink bit more and gain a weight, don´t worry, we cut them with this in mind). But don´t be afraid of a long breaking in period, MOM softens quite quickly. You can help the process with steam ironing (MOM loves the steam!) or braiding. (There are also other tricks like lying on a wrap, sitting on a wrap, running it through rings... but it´s nothing for minimalists, right?)

(But if you after all desire to hand wash, flat dry, roll in towels and other geekery, we are quite sure you can find the right wrap for that in OMNIFERA! We understand that this kind of activity can also bring satisfaction. But not to minimalists. Or mostly not... Don't take our word for it.)


For a basic Front wrap cross carry:

  • size 7 (lenght 5,2m) - clothing size 44 EU and bigger

  • size 6 (lenght 4,7m) - clothing size 38 EU - 42 EU

  • size 5 (lenght 4,2m) - clothing size 34 EU - 38 EU

  • size 4 (lenght 3,7m) - clothing size 32 EU

These sizes are a general recommendation. It can vary depending on your proportions and height.

Size 6 is a standard size and is good to start with if you are new to babywearing.

Shorter wraps are recommended in case you are experimenting with other carries that need less wrap length.

Our wraps were awarded as a Discovery of Festival mini 2017

Our wraps were awarded as a Discovery of Festival mini 2017