Beach MOM


Beach MOM Do you also like to take with you as little stuff as possible when going on the beach? You don´t want to take a wrap above all that stuff and you hope you won´t need it? And then you regret when you need to go home and your toddler is tired and weepy and refuses to go to a car on his own?
Then you are just like me.
This is one of those situations due to which I created Beach MOM.

Beach MOM is a short wrap and a towel in one. It can be used as a generous beach towel and when you are finished having fun at the beach you can wrap in it your wet baby covered in sand and carry him/her were needed. Made from 100% cotton, it has an easy care, you can even tumble dry it.


Beach MOM is woven as a terry cloth and has a versatile lenght 2,5 meters, that works great as a towel and a short wrap as well. You can wrap it over your shoulder and finish with a ring (finish with a knot is not recommended due to a heavier weight and the character of the fabric). Carrying Beach MOM is very similar to that of a ring sling. It is necessary to follow instructions and to maintain the order of pulling tails through the ring, otherwise tightening can be bit challenging, but don´t worry, it is easy! :-) The wrap is very cushy on your shoulder.

Beach MOM is a complementary wrap, it can´t replace a classic MOM wrap. Although it is an awsome helper for short wears.

Recommended especially to experienced babywearers.

Beach MOM package includes a black engraved sling ring and the classic MOM square wrap bag. Its size is aprox. 70x 250cm. Soon available in our online shop!

Let the summer begin!